AlgoPro Bot Strategies

Browse our library of top performing bot strategies that many of our users utilize to rule the market. All strats can be downloaded to upload into your bot settings. Visit a strategy to see detailed performance or to download. If you have a bot strategy using our bots that you think could be featured, please submit it at the bottom of this page. All bots submitted must be profitable through a deep backtest with a profit factor of 1.5 or above.

Featured Bots

Bitcoin Maxi Strat
SOL Crusher Strat
Bitcoin Boomer Strat

Crypto Bot Strategies

Strategy NameAssetAlgoPro BotExchangeTimeframeNet ProfitTradesWin RateProfit FactorSharpe RatioBacktested Days
Bitcoin Maxi StratBTC/USDT PerpScalper Bot V3Bybit1 Hour2,418%46571.4%1.9710.6421505 Days
SOL Crusher StratSOL/USDT PerpScalper Bot V3Bybit30 Minute12,626%72480.25%2.081.4961044 Days
Bitcoin Boomer StratBTC/USD SpotScalper Bot V3Coinbase1 Hour629,322%55949.37%2.3050.653446 Days
TRB Trendy StratTRB/USDT PerpScalper Bot V3Bybit15 Minute11,873%46980.81%4.4430.9698 Days
Ethereum Hammer StratETH/USDT PerpScalper Bot V3Binance1 Hour2,305%69369.26%1.7880.8541827 Days
RUNE Runner StratRUNE/USDT PerpScalper Bot V3Bybit30 Minute7,063%79863.03%1.9051.3891 Days
Ethereum Expo StratETH/USDT PerpScalper Bot V3Bybit1 Hour2,874%80576.77%1.810.9461295 Days
RUNE Capital StratRUNE/USDT PerpScalper Bot V3Bybit1 Hour12,726%62167.79%2.5761.108899 Days
AVAX Breakout StratAVAX/USDT PerpScalper Bot V3Bybit1 Hour4,947%58473.8%1.941.223974 Days
NEAR Net StratNEAR/USDT PerpScalper Bot V3Bybit30 Minute8,523%54876.46%3.4860.947957 Days

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